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Amped to Perform

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Stellar Ingredients

We searched the galaxy for the best ingredients to infuse into our drinks.

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"Out of this World" Energy

Get the extra boost that won't let you down when you need it.

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For all beings

Especially multi-celled, carbon based organisms in this universe

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This is who we are

area 51 is an energy drink brand devoted to living life to the fullest! To some that may mean cliff diving, to another it may mean driving around a track fast. But whatever it means to you, just remember we're here to provide the energy source for you to live that life to the extreme!

"You guys are rocking it with your awesome promotions and excellent tasting energy drink."

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area 51 is more than an energy drink, we are a brand that is obsessed with living life to the fullest.

If you want to help spread the go fast lifestyle then hit us up to become part of the alien nation.

Are you into action sports? Trying to get sponsored but can't? We may be able to help! Drop us a line, join the force!

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